Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wow. It's been quite a while since my last post. Well lots going on.
Since my last post I wrapped up animation at Rhythm & Hues and now
I'm working on Horton Hears a Who? at Bluesky.

Learning tons! This place is amazing and the film incredible.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glen Keane

I came across a really great site with very inspirational work from Glen Keane. Most folks may have already seen this, but for those who haven't... check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

latest and greatest.

Hi folks, sorry it's been a while since I've updated the blog. Lot's going on and work is getting more and more busy these days....

Here's the latest film I'm working on "Golden Compass". Based on a book by Award winning writer Philip Pullman.

The animation is looking amazing! Be on the lookout for a suh-weeet trailer in front of "Pirates" next week.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bush Scandal Collector Plate

I know this is funny and all... but geez how many scandals can one president be a part of and STILL be president!?!

Friday, April 13, 2007

MTR Animation Tests

For those interested.... here are some of the animations test and sculptures I created while working on Meet the Robinson's.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Jason Ryan Animation!!!

Hey folks... not sure how many peeps already know about this, but Jason Ryan, my AM class 2 mentor and Disney Supervising Animator is starting up an online tutorial site. I'm fortunate enough to be working with Jason on his venture... so I can tell you first hand how cool this is coming together! The official site should be up by the end of the year! SO....Go sign up for his mailing list NOW and be among the first to get updates and goodies!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

-Amsterdam Part II- Coffee Shops and Red Light District

Onto the lighter portion of our holiday in Amsterdam. Today we really had nothing planned except to explore the city and sight see different areas. So we walked around all the small shops in the Rembrandt Plaza area and main road. I was a trip just to people watch and check out all the folks riding bicycles! We hit a few more Coffee Shops and met some locals in the area. It was a pretty laid back day...

Later at night we met up with our friend Tony and got to check out the much anticipated "Red Light District". I wasn't sure what to expect.... boy, this was one eye opening experience for sure. For the few who may not know what this place is about.... well... think of sex as a business.... yep.... soliciting sex is completely legal... as is many many other things just like smoking marijuana.... This place is undescribable in words... you really hafta be there and see if for yourself to get it.

Amsterdam is a pretty Liberal town... that's all I hafta say about that. ;)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

London then.... Amsterdam!

This was our last day in London and was pretty muggy... rainy and cold... but that didn't deter us from heading to Buckinham Palace and witnessing the chaning of the guard. What a ceremony.... it took about 45 min for the traditional soldiers to march up to the tower while playing instuments as they walked. They set up inside the gates and put on a show for all the traveler from around the world. Cassia took a bunch of pics while I just tried to not freeze my toes off! ;) Seriously... this was by far the coldest day there!

Shortly after the ceremony, we headed off to Harrod's and "Tea Time" at a local hotel. Funny enough, as we sat and had our tea I looked over at the bookcase to see what books they had and noticed the newest Harry Potter. I grabbed it off the shelf and to my surprise was actually signed by J.K. Rowlings and dedicated to the hotel we were at. What a trip. We imagined sitting in the same chair as Rowlings and sipping on tea, as I'm sure she probly did! Cheerio! What a wonderful end to the London portion of our trip!

Click image for more pics of London.

We flew into Schiphol at night and stayed in Den Haag, better know to us American's as The Hague, which was about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam, so we really didn't get to see much of the city that night. The next morning we woke up to a partially sunny day, which was pretty rare in our trip, we hopped on a tram and then the train headed to Amsterdam. The train ride was perfect we got to see a good portion of the Holland country side, which is absolutely breathtaking. The train dropped us off smack dab in the center of Amsterdam and we were ready for our adventure in another city!

We decided to head straight to the Anne Frank Museum/House. I guess I really wasn't sure what to expect here and mentally I was concentrating on not getting lost that I really didn't think about what we were actually going to be seeing. Once we got to the area it was unusually empty, we later realized that we came on a perfect day when there wasn't a huge crowd. I'll tell ya... this was by far the most moving part of my trip to Europe. Up to this point we'd seen artwork and landmarks that were breathtaking... this one... was... mentally and physically heartbreaking. The whole Museum recreated Anne and her family's every step and walks you though the entire house including the small area that they all hid for nearly 2 years! For the next hour I couldn't speak.... and I found myself shedding a few tears for what, not only Anne's family went through, but for what all the Jewish families must have had to deal with during this time. I hope that they all can find some peace in their lives... and that we never forget. I'll leave it at that.

It was hard to keep going after Anne's house, but there was so much more to see in this beautiful city... so we marched on to the Van Gogh's Museum. I had never realized that Van Gogh had only been an artist for roughly 10 years... and in that time created some 200 paintings, 500 drawings! Wow!

Next we were off to Rembrandt's House! This was another amazing tour. They walked you through his whole house filled with original paintings. His house was quite a site... and pretty impressive for the times. As an artist we're usually more financially successfull after death.. but Rembrandt was actually pretty popular in his day and used his house as a gallery as well... entertaining clients! Pretty cool!

What's a visit to Amsterdam without going to a traditional Coffee House!
On to our last stop we headed to "The Greenhouse". We had some delicious coffee and entertained ourselves with the lovely views! Nuff said. ;)

Click image for pics of Amsterdam.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

-London Part III- Shakespeare, Crown Jewels, and St. Pauls Cathederal

Tower Bridge - Click image for more pics

We woke up to a pretty beautiful day. The sun was actually sunny outside (partially) so we decided to explore the eastern part of London and headed over to the Tower of London . We walked across the Millenium Bridge which drops you of right in front of the St. Paul's Cathederal. What a breathtakin' view of this church and the Thames River. On our way to the Tower we also passed by Shekespeares Theatre. We took a tour and got to actually walk around the inside of the theatre. Even though this is a recreation of the original theatre that burned down centuries ago... it was pretty authentic down to every detail. And even in the contruction of the building they used only material and equipment that were available in the time of Shakespeare. The tour guide also walked us up to the booth in which Queen Elizabeth II sat to watch the very first play when the new theatre opened a few years ago in the late '90's. pretty cool indeed.

After the Shakespeare Theatre we took a long and cold walk to the "Tower of London". We passed several bridges along the way and froze our tails off as you'll see in some of the pics. ;) The coolest by far was the "Tower Bridge" It has so much detail and a brillian blue pinstripe detail along the whole edge. It looked more like a castle than a bridge!

At the Tower of London we got to tour around all the different sections of the castle. From the bedrooms to the small cathederal. They even had a section dedicated as a armory. The castle has been used for so many different purposes encluding beheadings and jails that it's rumored to be haunted... boo! HAHA!

By far however, the best part of the Tower was being able to see the Crown Jewels. They are all being displayed permenantely in this area everything from crowns to orbs to swords you'll find it here! Again.... I couldn't take pictures... but you can catch a small glimps of them here.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

-London Part II- From Manet to Picasso

Westminster Abbey - Click image for more pics

Our second day found us in the halls of Westminster Abbey. We spent the better part of the morning exploring the resting places of England's many Kings and Queens. This was a pretty amazing building and the detail was exquisit and breathtakin'. Unfortunately, the only picture we were allowed to take was outside the building. In this same area we got to see a great view of Big Ben and the "Eye" of London.... we thought of going on it... but decided we'd rather take a closer look at all the neighborhood instead of the birds eye view.

Later in the afternoon we headed off to London's National Gallery Museum located in Trafalgar Square.
We got to see so many iconic paitings and drawings by all the masters from Manet to Picasso. We got to see Vincent VanGogh's "Sunflowers", DaVinci's "The Virgin of the Rocks", and Raphael's "The Madonna of the Pinks", Rembrant's "Self Portrait", Michelangelo's "The Entombement", and my all time favorite, DaVinci's "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist". I think this one moved me the most because I'm facinated with pencil sketch and line drawings. It reminded me of a rough animation drawing. Very very amazing to sit and take a real close look at these paintings.

We were also able to explore the city a little more by taking the tube, London's undergroud subway. I was amazed at how accesible the whole city was with just one railway ticket. And remember to "mind the gap" as they say. ;)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

-London Part I- Parthenon, Rosetta Stone, and Cleopatra... oh my!

This being my first trip out of the US I was a bit nervous and excited to be seeing a part of the world I had only read in books or seen in movies. The first place we arrived was the Kennsington Train station out of Hethrow airport in London. We hopped on one of the "black" taxi's and headed toward our hotel. In the cab ride we got to see some cool sights, but what freaked me out the most was the simple things, like driving on the opposite side of the road. I kept mentally trying to adjust, it took me all trip to get use to it... the good news is that we didn't drive at all while in London. Thier public transportation is just amazing and blows LA's out of the water. We stayed in the "SoHo" area near Picadilly Circus. I later realized this is the most centralized area to all the great landmarks and museums.

In short, on our first day we got to head to the British Museum where we got to see so many amazing pieces of art, a section of the actual Parthenon taken from the temple of Athena in Greece, the Rosetta Stone, and the mumified Cleopatra. Here are some pics of our first day in London.

......Cleopatra's Mummy...............Entrance to Tomb.....

..The Rosetta Stone.......British Museum....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

European Holiday

We're back from our trip to Europe! It was absolutely amazing... my first time out of the states... so many great museums and landmarks! I'm organizing the 300+ picks we took while out there... I'll be posting them up in the next few weeks so stay posted!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I've been planning a trip out to jolly 'ol London and Amsterdam.... anyone have and advice or suggestions on places to see or restaurants to eat at?