Friday, April 06, 2007

Jason Ryan Animation!!!

Hey folks... not sure how many peeps already know about this, but Jason Ryan, my AM class 2 mentor and Disney Supervising Animator is starting up an online tutorial site. I'm fortunate enough to be working with Jason on his venture... so I can tell you first hand how cool this is coming together! The official site should be up by the end of the year! SO....Go sign up for his mailing list NOW and be among the first to get updates and goodies!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca!

That's awesome that you're going to be involved with Jason Ryan's new site! There's been a bit of buzz about it on the AM alumni site, too, and I'm super excited to see it!

And hey, I went to see Meet The Robinsons... it was awesome to see yours and Anthea's names up there in the credits! Congratulations!

When's the next time we get to see your name on the screen, eh?

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hi Eric, Good to hear from you! How's everything going?

Jason's site is gonna be pretty sweet and it'll make for some great additional content to the education provided by Keep an eye on the site... or better yet, sign up to the mailing list to find out more... ;)

Thanks!! I'm sooo glad you liked the film! It was awesome to work on... i'm super proud of it.

Well... all in due time... I was gonna save this for a future post, but since you asked... you'll be seeing my name on a film called "Golden Compass" with Nichole Kidman and Craig Daniels (the new 007 guy) The film comes out this December so be on the lookout! You can also check the site to find out more...

JIS Components said...

Wow Rebecca that's so cool...I'm glad to see you're still keeping your Blog going. So many have stopped theirs since completing AM. I think your blog and Vic Navone's were the first places I heard about AM. You have alot to answer for young lady! Mainly my empty wallet, but now a barin that's constantly thinking Animation, Animation, Animation!

JR's site will be great and a great addition to my AM learning. At the moment I can't stop buying any animation book that's reccomended! it gonna be FREE? Empty wallet and all that!

I've read all the Phillip Pullman books and I'm really looking forward to seeing the Golden Compass...even more so now your name's up there!

I'm glad to see you had a great time in Europe. What did you think of London? I live in the UK (up north)and very rarely get to London. It's a fab city with a great buzz about it and it's just superb for people watching. It's not so good for going to the movies though. Last time I was there it cost me £17 ($32) for a cinema ticket! It's only about £6 ($11) up north!

Take care and keep up the good work. Who knows our paths may cross at some point!

Kind Regards
Oly Scott

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey man... good to see you posting on my blog. Ya... I got addicted to blogging in the first semester of AM... and just when I think I have nothing to post... something comes up! ;) I'm happy to see that people still come around and check it out. well... the vids will cost money... but... it will be very affordable to all student and working professionals alike. Keep an eye out for more info coming up in the near future.

Golden Compass is looking like a really suh-weet movie I'm super excited to be animating on it!

Yep our trip to london was a blast! But SUPER expensive with the whole exchange rate being sooo horrible for american's. I'd love to make it out there again soon!

Best wishes,

CLaU said...

Hola Rebecca!!

Wow, it´s great Jason is keeping up with this proyect, I´ve already registered on his website to get the news as soon as they are out :D

I think that old threat where Jason used to post about this at AM is kind of lost between all the new ones, but we can always bring it up again, right? ;)

Congrats for Meet the Robinsons (big time) and please tell Anthea I said Hi :)


Freddy Burgos said...

I'm all signed up and ready to go, thanks for the heads up Reb! Great to hear that you're a part of it too! :)

Virgil said...

about your last post - Meet the Robinson's should actually be spelled: Mee't th'e R'obisons. Hehe