Friday, November 21, 2008

Disney's BOLT - OPENS TODAY!!!

GO SEE BOLT ... It opens today!! November 21st!

A few of of my friends and family have asked what shots I animated in the film, so I decided to post a list of my contributions. It was a blast working on Bolt and by far, it's the film I'm most proud of to date. I think Disney's got a hit on their hands. If you get a chance, please go check it out!!

BOLT - My Shot List

-I animated the section of the moving train when Bolts leash gets caught and he's starts tugging and pulling. Mittens yells "Bolt" and Rhino yells "let go you monster!" Then Bolt's collar snaps.

- The two shots right after the escape from the Pet Shelter where they come up to the edge of the highway. The shot with all 3 characters where Rhino says " Ohhh... i've got a BIG one!"

- In the traveling house when Mittens is teaching Bolt how to be a dog. At the end of the sequence the 2 shots of Mittens saying. "Aaaand stick your tongue out." And then the next shot where she's licking her paw and says: "Nah... it's more of a dog thing."

- At the end of the movie during the fire sequence when we see Penny on the floor look up at Bolt and he takes the leash and starts dragging her. That whole section up to (but not including) the part where she falls down on the floor gasping for air.