Saturday, February 17, 2007

-London Part III- Shakespeare, Crown Jewels, and St. Pauls Cathederal

Tower Bridge - Click image for more pics

We woke up to a pretty beautiful day. The sun was actually sunny outside (partially) so we decided to explore the eastern part of London and headed over to the Tower of London . We walked across the Millenium Bridge which drops you of right in front of the St. Paul's Cathederal. What a breathtakin' view of this church and the Thames River. On our way to the Tower we also passed by Shekespeares Theatre. We took a tour and got to actually walk around the inside of the theatre. Even though this is a recreation of the original theatre that burned down centuries ago... it was pretty authentic down to every detail. And even in the contruction of the building they used only material and equipment that were available in the time of Shakespeare. The tour guide also walked us up to the booth in which Queen Elizabeth II sat to watch the very first play when the new theatre opened a few years ago in the late '90's. pretty cool indeed.

After the Shakespeare Theatre we took a long and cold walk to the "Tower of London". We passed several bridges along the way and froze our tails off as you'll see in some of the pics. ;) The coolest by far was the "Tower Bridge" It has so much detail and a brillian blue pinstripe detail along the whole edge. It looked more like a castle than a bridge!

At the Tower of London we got to tour around all the different sections of the castle. From the bedrooms to the small cathederal. They even had a section dedicated as a armory. The castle has been used for so many different purposes encluding beheadings and jails that it's rumored to be haunted... boo! HAHA!

By far however, the best part of the Tower was being able to see the Crown Jewels. They are all being displayed permenantely in this area everything from crowns to orbs to swords you'll find it here! Again.... I couldn't take pictures... but you can catch a small glimps of them here.


Olivier Ladeuix said...

Oh my god!!! so you were here already???

I can't believe it;-) I thought you were planning a summer trip not a winter one!!! We could have easily showed you around if we knew.

At least you got to see the good stuff. Did you go to the Modern Tate as well?


[gosh I didn't realised people needed a google account to access blogger blogs, what a pain]

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hi Oliver,
I tried to get in touch with ya, but I couldn't get find your email... ;( Didn't make it to the Tate... we went just about everywhere else tho ;) It was such a blast. Sorry I missed ya!

Unknown said...

oh man that loooks sooooo fun!!Incredible pics. Thanks for sharing! your my hero!!

Freddy said...

Heya Reb! Looks like you had an awesome time on your vacation! Thanks for sharing the pics! :D

Rose said...

So Rebecca - I read your blog some time ago and saw you had visited London.

Oliver has already commented seeing as he's a London boy. As I am a London girl I feel it totally necessary to comment too! PS. Am now living in the States. The usual story - a man.

Thanks for dropping by my blog - yes, us AM bloggers are alive, well and kicking!