Tuesday, January 30, 2007

European Holiday

We're back from our trip to Europe! It was absolutely amazing... my first time out of the states... so many great museums and landmarks! I'm organizing the 300+ picks we took while out there... I'll be posting them up in the next few weeks so stay posted!


David Martinez said...


You came to Europe and you didn't tell us? Too bad! It would be great to meet you (even if it was just for a coffe or something). Obviously, I was not in Amsterdam but in Spain but with time, we can always find a quite cheap flight to another European city.

Well, next time, you have no excuses!


Freddy Burgos said...

A trip to Europe?! Very cool! Lookin foward to seein' the pics Reb!

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey David! I posted a few weeks back about my trip... I was hoping to meet up with some AM folks, but couldn't get a hold of anyone ;( Next time I'll give more notice ;)

Freddy! Wasssup! Ya I spent last night organizing all the pics by day... man we did a lot in the little time we were there. I'll be posting up some this weekend so stay tuned!

Ruben said...

You Look Great! I got your email email before your left to Europe. I am glad you two had fun! xoxo Ruben