Thursday, August 31, 2006

Workin' Nights

I was walking to my car last night... and I couldn't help snapping a pic... the building looks sooo cool at night with the lights on. I hope it's a bit of inpiration for those folks bustin' some butt on thier Animation Mentor assignments. (or any animation tests for that matter!)


Bobby Pontillas said...

Great Shot! I finally the chance to go there recently, and you're right it's pretty inspiring.

Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

Jeez Reb, how late do you work to?

Awesome shot!

Peter Starostin said...

Hey Rebecca. Yeah, very cool shot. :)

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

bobbyp- wow cool... when did you stop by? woulda been cool to meet ya!

nicolucci- it's been some pretty late nights lately ... we gotta get this film done... so whatever it takes ;)

evil squeezy- Welcome to LA!! Hopefully now that we're in the same town we'll get to hang out soon!

Bobby Pontillas said...

I came down about 3 weeks ago. Didn't go in, just took pictures from outside. I'll let you know next time I'm down there and we can meet up!

Sara Wade said...

Wow! That's a great shot. Very inspiring. It reminds me of why I am putting in all these long hours. I hope those lights will be at the end of my tunnel someday.

You must be so freaking happy every day going there. You have an inspired life girl!


Aja B said...

Wow, this gives me chills! Thanks for the little dose of inspiration, it's certainly welcome right now. :-)

Good luck on the film, you know we're going to have a huge AM field trip to go cheer for your names when it comes out! :-D


Unknown said...

COOL pics!

BrandonBeckstead said...

Right on REB! Definately some ispiration coming from that pic! Thanks.

Freddy Burgos said...

Great timing, just two more weeks before the end of the term and feeling the burn. Awesome pic Reb and definitely inspirational!Thanks a bunch! :D

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

wow! Great response!

I know whenever I'm feeling tired I just walk outside and get a good dose of sweet reality.

bobby- totally lemme know when ur in town!

sara- absolutely.. i thank my lucky stars everyday!!

aja- woohooo... speaking of films... i can't wait to see yours in a few weeks!!

alina- thanks!

brandon- wassup man! Keep kickin ass your work has always been an inspiration to me!

freddy- ur welcome! Just keep swimming swimming... swimming!! LOL!!

Dan Segarra said...

Definitely inspirational! So many fond memories from the stories we grew up watching over and over immediately goes through my head seeing that sorcerer's hat sitting there.

Thanks for the little push of motivation Reb! :)

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...


Dan & Tom- I'm so excited that you guys are just as inspired and excited! I can't tell ya what a rush it is too see this building... especially at night... there's just a magic feeling that takes you back to when you were a kid. It's quite cool... and I'm glad I can share a little bit of that with you guys!

and it was totally cool to meet you too tom!

Claudio Bartolomeu said...

That's pretty cool, i saved it as my desktop too as an inspiration!

Thanks rebecca

Brad said...

heh heh.
When I first moved here,
I'd do drive-bys
of the hat building.
nice picture.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! I recently moved in the area (from east canada) and it is the first thing who caught my eyes ! like.. wwooowww.. it's here !... one day... :P

Cool night shot!