Friday, August 25, 2006

Cool Animation Shorts!

My friend Steve here at work sent me a couple of really cool links... so I thought I'd share. This is an awesome cool and spooky short called "The Passenger" by Chris Jones. I can't wait to see more on this one!

Here's another cool live action fx/animation by 2 brothers Alex & Ben Mallinson who started a company called DIE-CAST Films! This is freakin halarious!


Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Thanks David! I shoulda included the original website link... my bad. I'll update the post with your link... thanks man!

I love both these films for completely different reasons... but what they have in common is they are both entertaining!

I can still remember one of the best pieces of advise I got from one of my mentors at AM Victor Navone.... he said he had heard Lasseter in a speech in which he said... 'animation is about entertainment' I hadta really think about that... and I've come to my own conclusion. If there's an animation you're working on and there's only one thing you can add to it... (how ever important all the "principles" are) it's to make sure it's entertaining! Without that there's nothing, no reason to do it, and for that sake even watch it!

Just my thoughts... thanks for the post DavidM


BrandonBeckstead said...

Wow, really inspiring work! Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

david_m totally man! I've already got plans to see "the passenger" here in LA. I can't wait!

brandon, yo man where you been... good to see you bloggin man! I can't wait to see YOUR short animation!!