Friday, May 20, 2011

Dreamworks on The TODAY Show

The TODAY Show launches a new segment called "Give Me The Keys TODAY" And the goal is to pull back the curtain and see the behind the scenes in how different people and companies work. Today their segment is all about Dreamworks and what goes on in our studio. It's a pretty cool video, I recommend checking it out! A few of my coworkers and friends made it in the video even my foosball nemesis Adam Strick made it on camera (he's the one playing foos... lol) Congratulations to all the hard working folks who made the cut including my good friend Steve Meyer who animated the last couple of "Puss" shots in this clip.

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1 comment:

Adam Strick said...

haha Of course I'm playing foos, I've got to get my practice in to keep the skills up! Just name the time and the place, well it'll probably be at DreamWorks so, just name the time.