Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi ... wow it's been a while since I've updated my Blog. I guess I've been pretty busy lately. I just wanted to post a link and update folks on my latest happenings. Ever since wrapping up on Cloudy last year I began working at DreamWorks. It's been pretty incredible and this is by far the best studio I've worked at. I just wrapped up animation on How to Train your Dragon which comes out in two week! Please go see it!

Here's a link to the latest amazing trailer. Keep coming by cause I'm gonna get back on this blog and try and update at least once a week with updates. For those of you who still come by thank you, and those who may be knew I hope you pass by again real soon. Cheers! And happy Dragon training!


erica said...

Just saw Dragons and thought it was amazing! Give my regards to Bill Tessier next time you run across him. Which shots did you work on?

Chris Dub said...


I'd love to hear about the shots/sequences you worked on as well!! Hope all is well! Keep up the inspiring work :)

Armando said...

I am yet to see this, but I hear some people say is the bestest everst form DW. Must be, because you worked on it. WOO!!