Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Animators Survival Kit - VIDEOS

Check it out... this is pretty sweet! I had the chance to take Richard Williams lecture class before he wrote his book and I found it to be amazing. Full of insightful wisdom and enthusiasm. I thought, "damn... every animator should get a chance to see this for themselves!" Of course his book came out and it pretty much says everything his lecture did... but without the added live aspect and entertainment that only a face to face lecture could give you.

So here's the next best thing!! ONLINE videos!! I live for this stuff!

Click on the image.


Murali Rajan said...

Hi Rebby,

Thanks for this post, It is really very useful, found & wondered how energetic he is!! even at this age and also his great acting talent! Simply superb.
Any how those who couldn’t get a chance to attend his face to face lecture, this DVDs
Will be the best choice.
About your animations?? All we can say is “ Wow”. Every one is doing very well there.
( AM’s training is a dream which will never come true to me)
Wish you all the best to become a successful animator.
And Welcome to my blog
In my recent post I posted two facial animations and I will be happy if you
Leave some valuable comments.
Thank you for your time.

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

hi murali,
i'll try and take a look at ur tests when I get a chance. Thank u for the kind words on my work. keep working hard and you too will reach ur dream!