Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oscar Nominated

I found this really funny and kinda cool. A fellow animator congratulated me today on being an "Oscar Nominated Animator". I said... what? He said well Golden Compass has been nominated for a "Best Visual Effects" OSCAR... and since I worked on it... it inadvertently makes me... an "Oscar Nominated Animator".

It's a stretch... I know.... but still pretty cool I think!

Best of luck to all the Nominees!


Kimotion said...

Are you gonna be walking down the red carpet with designer dress and paparazzi snapping pics!?

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

LOL... um, more like at home in my jammies and slippers... eating greasy pizza enjoying the show from my couch! ;)

1 said...

how fun! :O)


congratulation rebecca


congratulation rebecca!!!!!! :)

c.g.young said...

Awe Rebecca,..
You have arrived,..
Much love and Kudos'
-c.g.young (clint)

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

heather... totally girrl!

alessandro, thank u!

clint, hey man... good to hear from you! Lemme know what ur up to!

Anonymous said...

Sweet you Juan!! Congrats! I figured you'd be at your house in your jammies with your slippers eating TACOS. ;) Rock on!