Tuesday, March 21, 2006


For those who maybe wondering what I've been upto during my semester off from AM here's some pics. I've really gotten into creating sculptures. Here at work they offer classes each week with a live figure model and instructor. All in all, in the last couple of months I've created 6 sculptures. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, I'm only able to post 3 for now. I've also been working on my test animation with one of our rigs from the film, but again... can't show that until the movie is released.



Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Awesome! The first one's looking really cool! The other two seem to be dead, though... Hope we can get to see them soon :-)

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey whoops... looks like the files didn't load up to my site? I'll check on 'em tonight at home... thanks for the kind words Ben!

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Wow, those new ones are even better. I really like the arms, feet and hair in the second one, and I love the sense of weight and balance in the third one. Maybe the arm is a little bit long though? Might be the angle you've taken the picture on... your shoulders seem to be on a pretty big angle. I think the main part you need work on the most is the face. It's obviously the hardest part, but right now they feel kind of "slapped on" instead of natural. In the first one the "triangle" overall seems a tiny bit too high, and I feel the nose alone is too high in relation to the eyes, and the lips too high in relation to the nose. In the third one, it seems like the nose is too much coming straight from the forehead, not coming in enough first, and the eyes look a bit too high, while the mouth seems to be placed a bit too low.

Keep it up, I'd love to see more of this, or drawings from the Disney drawing classes for that matter!

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hi Benjamin,
I completely agree... there are definately spots where the sculpture looks less defined... like the face. Couple of issues I ran into and that's a> faces are hard for me to sculpt and b> these sculptures are actually quite small... I shoulda taken a pic with a ruler or something to show the scale... maybe I'll post an update next week with more pics.

Also the picture of the last sculpture with the woman standing is, like you mentioned, taken in an obscure angle which gives the illusion that the legs are short and the arms are overly long. I'll also try and post some pics with less drastic angle for better viewing.

However, the last sculpture was probly the hardest for me to work on only cause it's my first ever "armature" one. Our teacher had each of us create the armature and then work on the piece... I found it really hard to hold the proper dimensions in relation to each other. This was really a great excersize cause it really made me commit to a foundation from which I couldn't deviate... unlike the computer where you can alter stuff all the way up to the end.... I think these sculptures are really helping me see the proportions in my animations...

I highly recommend it!!
Thanks for your thoughts Ben!

smeyer said...

These are really great Reb! You've come such a long way in such a short time!! I cant wait to see your stuff in another year.

anthea said...

great sculptures Rebecca, I love coming into your office and seeing new ones all the time!!

KENSHi said...

what are these made out of? wax? brownie mix baked in the sun? figure sculpture is such a great experience, isn't it! really teaches you to see around the form and think about weight and balance. and there's something i find SO satisfying about actually physically touching the work and pushing it around with my fingers.

you have to provide your own materials for the classes there? what an awesome opportunity.

i'll just work hard and hope to rub shoulders with you again...

Dan Segarra said...

Wow Reb, awesome sculptures! How long was the time frame on these poses? I like the sitting one a lot, but I have to say the standing one feels like it has a little more charicatured design to it... and in my book, design wins. :) Good stuff! Can't wait to see more.

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey thanks Anthea, Kenshi, and Dan!

Kenshi- the brown ones are this wax based clay that will eventually be turned into a bronze sculpture. I know they look like brownie mix!! The standing one is made out of sculpy. Fortunately they provide us with all materials, they even let us borrow tools... however they encourage you to get some of your own just so you start getting use to them...

Dan- the time frame varied. I think the standing one was 3 classes... 2 hours each class. First class was just creating the armature and the rest was sculpting. However when I would be at my desk I'd work on it during breaks throughout the day.

The lying down one was about 2 classes. and the sitting pose was 4 classes.

I'll try and post more images this weekend... some turnarounds so you can get a better idea of the completed pieces.

Thanks you guys for such a great response!

Brian "My Fault" Nicolucci said...

Wow Reb, those are gorgeous! Great after spending so many hours on the computer to actually get your hands dirty with something you can feel and in the end have a tangible piece of art. Are you taking any other classes at Disney?

Mike said...

dang you are multi talented.

I think your next piece should be a woman holding a large foam padded microphone singing "I will survive"

Karaoke...it's on!

feveloso said...

Hey Rebecca,
this is a great way to have fun, broaden your skills...and your results are quite impressive!
I set a blog up and was able to upload my work, so you can check them here if you'd like:

you are a true inspiration, it was awesome to hear your insights and thoughts on dailies!! Thanks a bunch!

Sara Wade said...

Reb - awesome sculptures! That must be so much fun. I really want to try to take some time during the short film classes to get outside of animation with sculpture and painting. Thanks for inspiring me to go buy some sculpture materials! I hope the day will come soon when I can work in a place that has art classes - what a dream come true...it must be like vacation everyday - animating, sculpting, and then animating some more. Keep it up girl...you rock!

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey thanks Brian, Mike, Fernanda, and Sara!
It really is a blast working on something tangible like a sculpture. I'd always wanted to sculpt, last time I did it was in figure drawing class about 8 years ago! So this was all kinda new to me again. It's awesome tho... just the way people think here it's a very creative and artist driven environment. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like it at any other job.

They constantly want you to learn and grow here. They offer tons of classes. It's similar to Pixar University where they offer classes to any employee in any area of the company. We have figure drawing, Writing, Tips n Tricks on animation... monthly lectures by supervising animators... I could go on forever... but I won't bore you ;)

Fernanda, THanks, your site is coming along ... I love seeing new AM work. Keep it up!

Sara, Yeah you should totally do some sculpting... it's very theraputic! Yeah it really is a dream come true to work at a place like this... ;) I wish it for every student in AM!


Unknown said...

these are fantastic!! I would love to learn to sculpt one day...sigh.. You rock!!

KENSHi said...

you don't want to BORE us?? haha. dream on. hearing all about what it's like working in that kind of a place is anything but BORING.

it makes me want to get ANY job at a studio, even if it's sweeping floors so that i can have access to the people and the classes!

(i updated my blog a bit, btw. and thanks for commenting on it the other day. miss ya, gurrrl!)