Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Files have been fixed!
So here it is as promised, my newest animation test. I'm going to need everyone's help on this one so please don't be shy. I've created 2 seperate endings to the same animation and now I would love to know which one most people feel is their favorite! Special thanks to my co-workers and Anthea for the audio clip and extremely helpful suggestions and ideas!

Go check it out and VOTE for your favorite!


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Is it just me or won't these videos load? It loads the first frame, but not more than that :(

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Sorry Benjamin, I've re-exported the files... they should work now.

anthea said...

hi rebecca! you know i still like the beer one bette, and not just because it was my suggestion ;) i think that one has a closer relationship not pnly spacially but also more buddy like. he is having a heart to heart and it feels more menaingful in this version.

erica said...

I think I like the beer one too. The camera move seems a little awkward in the first movie where it goes one way and then another, whereas the beer one moves more simply. One rule of thumb we learned in cinematography class is "simple camera movement = better."

Plus it's a cute little gag that he's getting a beer for his dog. :) I mean, if it's pulled off poorly it could look like you're just putting the dog on the counter as a gag to cover up a lack of proper animating skills, but I know you have the talent!

Rebecca Perez Stodolny said... far beer is winning in the polls...

smeyer said...

I hate to play devils advocate, but I like the food one a little better. They both rock though! However, anything that promotes the alcoholic consumption by a K-9 is automatically a red flag for me because my uncle was put in the hospital by a drunk dog driver... I think it was a "jack daniels" russel terrier... ROCCO!!

No seriously though, the thing I do like about the food one is that, not only is the guy talking to a dog, but the dog is not even paying attention to this guy... who, you can tell, thinks hes so interesting and deep. Its an extra little gag to me that the guy is so self absorbed and clueless to this fact. If you could somehow include the dog not paying attention in the beer one, youd have the best of both worlds I suppose. I agree with the comments from anthea and erica on technical aspects of the beer one though. Great pick for audio!! YEAH REBECCA!

Carlos Fins said...

Hey Rebecca! My vote goes for the beer version definitely. I think the simple cam move really works, and I like the dog being at the same level as the character. Gives him more "weight" in the scene, especially since the char is having a conversation with him, and the dog does respond too. Plus, it's funny seeing him on the table. I didn't expect it. :D


Rebecca Perez Stodolny said...

Hey thanks erica, anthea, steve and carlos! These are all awesome thoughts... I'll continue to take votes until Monday ;) Then I'll surprise you all with the winner!!

Sara Wade said...

I vote for the beer one. I agree with Carlos that the dog being on the same level as the character adds a lot to it. It's also funnier to me.

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Beer! More beer!

I agree with the previous comments, the beer one definitly includes the best ideas.

Brad said...

ok, best of both worlds then.
I like the continued mid shot of the beer choice, and the smaller pan to maintain the closeness of the two characters. You could just have the dog interested in his own food on the counter, so you get the closeness without having the dog consume any alcohol.
What I'd like to see more of is more poses to see how he's going to act through this dialog. like a head shake on the 'awwww' or is he going to be real remorsefull at the 'do some things differently line'.

I'm sure it's coming,
so best of luck wherever this goes.

kenny r said...

Any time the doggy is on the table or countertop is an opportunity to

a) scold the dog
b) laugh and enjoy that dogs rule, not cats. :)

If you picked a), do the first but remove the dog. If you picked b) go with the 2nd one, dog at eye level with his human.

KENSHi said...

Hey Reb! long time no see/chat! hope the mouse house is treating you well... anyhow, you've probably made your decision by now, but my vote is for beer as well. just make sure to have the guy making offscreen eye contact enough to clue to viewer in to the fact that he's talking with someone else and i think it will read nicely.

we miss you at AM. this term has been tough, tough, tough for me, with the move to the bay and all.

anyhow, don't be a stranger!